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How to increase in crochet (inc)

6 months ago

Learn how to increase your hook or increase it by watching this free tutorial video. Video basics for beginners from Amigu World.

When you are crocheting and need to add stitches to your work, you will need to work an increase. Increasing is a method of shaping your work. It make crocheted piece wider.

in other words, when you want increase the width of a basic crocheted wool fabric, 2 or more stitches must be performed in 1 stitch at the point specified in the project template. And, in a pattern, this stitch will be called an (inc) or put “2 sc in the next stitch”.

Single hook, double hook, double hook, and longer stitch are all increased in the same way.

How to Crochet: Amigurumi Basics


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